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When it comes to your loo, the water industry has a cheeky little way to remind you of what can safely go down it and what can't. We call it the '3Ps' – and that stands for 'paper, poo and pee.'

That means keeping stuff like wet wipes, make up pads, sanitary products and disposable nappies out of the toilet because they all mix together to create blockages which create problems up above. Even things labeled 'flushable' should not be flushed!

It's the same thing in the kitchen. Common cooking items such as fat, oil and food waste are sometimes poured down the plug hole to coagulate into solid lumps that we call 'fatbergs.' They don't sink ships but they do sink drains and even grow large enough to block entire sewers. The consequences can be devastating, as raw sewage is forced back up into people’s homes.

Every year thousands of customers are affected by sewer flooding caused by people putting the wrong things down the loo or drain.

So please THINK before you try to SINK anything down the loo or plughole!

In the bathroom: only flush pee, poo and toilet paper down the loo. Everything else should go in the bin.

In the kitchen: use a container, such as an old jar or pudding pot to collect cooled cooking fat and oil. Simply fill the container then empty it into your food waste bin. If you're in any doubt about what can be placed into your food waste bin, please check with your local authority.