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Sewer flooding can be a health hazard – always act quickly

Sewer flooding is a serious problem and we work hard to stop it happening by ensuring that our workmanship and materials we use are of the right quality and sufficient for the needs of the development. Initiatives like us having separate pipes for rain and waste waters help to reduce the risk of flooding.

However, extreme weather conditions, blockages in the sewer system itself, storm water entering or a pumping station breakdown, can all cause problems on the surface.

As with blocked drains, we're responsible for maintaining public sewers. As a property owner, you're responsible for private sewers and drains which are usually those within your property's boundary. Put simply, we unblock the former at our cost, and you should unblock the latter at yours.

However, if you experience drain or sewage flooding, either inside or outside of your property, the first thing you should do is call our 24 Hour Emergency Helpline on 0333 3208 656 and then take the following precautions for the safety of you and your family:

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Help us to help you avoid unnecessary sewer and drain problems and their related charges, simply read our advice on prevention here.